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August 28, 2020

Jul. 30. Start at about 1 pm, arrival  at Eagles Nest campground at 6 pm. Setting up the trailer and start to prepare dinner.

Jul. 31. First day of vacation.

After breakfast we hiked through the woods behind the campground to the closeby cape disappointment overlook and from there to discoverytrail with lead us to  the cloudy beach we had a great Pickwick there and stopped ar the light us a n our way back to take some pictures.

Aug 1. The next morning, I was disappointed since it was raining so we took our time to get ready and decidedto drive Fort Carney  and the Cape Disappointment lighthouse.  The interpretive center was closed through covid and luckily the weather changed his mind, so we packed some stuff for another picknic at the Seaview beach.

At the end we stopped at the Longbeach boardwalk, to check out the wale skeleton but the only found a few vom grad überwachsene bones an other disappointment.

We ended the day with a camp 🔥


Drive from Longbeach WA to Canon Beach OR, ½ at the Beach next to Hay Stake Rock, Fish and Chips @ Ecola Restaurant. 1.5 hour drive to cape Kiwanka RV campground and enjoying the sunset on the beach.

AUG. 4

Bay, Marsh Hike @ BoB Straub State Park with some nature photos. The drive along the scenic coast was very foggy we stopped for a snack on the side of the street to enjoy the view, afterwards we treated ourselves some ice cream @ Tillamook Creamery.  Last but not least we drove the Munson Falls State Park, our second hike took only an hour to the falls and back. enjoy an other sunset @ the beach.


After a short drive to the Neskowin Ghost Forest, we walked to the beach to shoot some pictures. T

Unfortunately it wasn’t low tide ; the water was already coming in but we saw them and most of them are covered with mussels or sea life. We found to sea stars 🌟 I am not sure if they where still alive but what a beautiful animal.

We also took a picture 📷 of the proposal rock, they called it so after a captain proposed there about 1900 the native name was schloch.

After a lunch break we drove to the Neskowi  Wildlife Refuge and hiked 2 miles to see some Wildlife but we only so two birds. Afterwards we returned to our campground and headed to the beach. Carsten dipped in the ocean for me it is too cold 🥶.  For Dinner we went to the Riverhouse and enjoyed 😋 a smoked salmon salad and buttered fish and chips . The evening we ended at the beach with a camp 🔥.  Unfortunately the sky was covered so we couldn’t get nice sunset pictures 😢.


We are heading a little bit further down the coast. Our next stop was at the https://seaandsandrvpark.com/ in N

At Depoe Bay, Lincoln City. We just enjoyed our gorgeous spot on the third level terrace and took a beach stroll.



Our next stop is the https://www.portofnewport.com/. Boiler Bay on the way was closed due to covid as well as the whale watch center in Depoe Bay, with the

world smallest harbor and a cute little town.

After we arrived we drank a beer at Rouge brewery at the harbor and than started our tour.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse since the Head Area was too crowded.

The campground wasn’t great but the town was nice, the nay beach we just drove by but we went the Yaquina head state park to see the light house, we also went to the old Yaquina Bay Light which the build first and only used for 3 years the  Head Lighthouse was ready.

We stayed a while on the sandy beach till l got enough batter.

Saturday morning was farmers market so we bought some fresh vegetables and got ready to leave for Florence.

We made a halt at Thors well and tried to catch some good pictures. We expected a bit more  of the area but it was still fun .

The Siuslaw Harbor campground was quite nice . On the way we stopped at Seal Rock and expected to sea some seals but there weren’t any so we were glad that we stopped on the way. When we arrived we walked through Old Florence which we visited before in 2017 on our way to San Francisco.

The next day we went to the Heceta Head Lighthouse and took the tour through the Lighthouse Keepers quarter we had our lunch on the beach. After that we wanted to stay on the beach at the Dunes so we went to the North jetty Beach, where Carsten tried to fly his kite and I tried not to get blown away.  We stayed on 30 minutes before we decided to leave and found a not so windy cove at Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park. On the other side of the park we sand boarded in 2017.

The highlight of the day was our dinner at the Waterfront Depot, we got a great spot with view of the Siuslaw River and bridge.

  1. August

I have never seen a nicer campground while rving in the us. At Bay Point Landing ❤ you can rent cabins or Airstreams and they have a great community center as well as a pool and a gym. We booked late so we only could stay for 3 nights. The day we arrived we only took a stroll along the Landing, after dinner and enjoying the sunset we play inside since it was pretty windy and cold.


The next day we enjoyed the  in the area around, first we drove to Coquille River Light House  afterwards we stopped by on Old Town Bandon a cute little Town with a great chocolatery https://coastalmist.com/.  I really loved their Chocolate Fudge Gelato. Thereafter we  drove to Coquille Point Beach in Bandon, walked along the beach and took a lot of pictures of the stone formation there. The most famous one is the Face Rock and one looks like a wizard hat.  The area belongs to the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. The day ended with Carstens favorite camping dish – pork gorgonzola. The grand finale was a gorgeous sunset.


The next day drove to the Farmers market in Coos Bay afterwards we hiked the OREGON COAST TRAIL from Sunset Bay ,  through Shore Arces State Park  – to Simpson Reef View Point which is also part of the Oregon Wild life Refuge. We could see a lot of seals with our binocular, and where able to identify, 3 different types: California sea lions,  Steller sea lions and the Pacific harbor seal – which I like the most. We couldn’t see an elephant Seal.

The next day we left around  9 am and we arrived around 3 at the KOA in Seaside/Astoria.

We spend the evening with a hike along the beach and took a ton of sunset pictures with the famous Peter Iredale Ship Wreck at Fort Stevens State Park, which is locate opposite of our Campground.

We hiked the Cape Falcon at Oswald West State Park, it is a moderate 2.3 miles hike through the forest to reach the Cape luckily wasn’t very crowed.

Afterwards we drove to  Canon Beach and had dinner at Warren House & Pub, than we watched the sunset at Haystack Rock and took some pictures.

 List of Campgrounds

https://www.sunriseresorts.com/resort-locations/eagles-nest-resort/ in Long Beach, WA



https://www.portofnewport.com/. Boiler Bay

http://portofsiuslaw.com/campground/ in Florence

KOA in Seaside/Astoria.

Bay Point Landing ❤.at coos bay.

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